Tuesday, June 14, 2016

HHH June 2016

Health Healing Happiness Expo/Conference in Las Vegas NV 
June 10, 11 and 12, 2016
(I thought I took a lot of pictures but evidently I didn't and missed many of you who were there especially from Utah)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tai Chi Dragon Qigong Classes Reminder

NO Class Saturday, June 11 at Santa Clara Library or
June 13 at Royal Oaks Park.

See you on the 15th at the park and the 18th at the library.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Family Trip 5/9 - 5/25/16
Great Falls MT, Boise ID, E Wenatchee WA, Fife, WA

Cold and Rain most of the trip and snow to Great Falls

Great Grandson "lttle Tony"

Tony and his mom, Granddaughter Amber

Tony with Great Grandma Barbara (GGB)

Tony and his Mom

Wrapped up and ready to "ride"

At Amber's, Sasha (great dog) and Great Grandson Nolan just tried on the pj's I made for him.

Great Grandson Nolan & Great Grandma Barbara. He played bashful with me the whole time.

Son Kevin with his Grandsons Tony & Nolan

Amber's home, our 1st day in Great Falls MT. Granddaughter-in-law, Lindsay with son Nolan

Nolan, son of grandson, Christopher, son of Kevin

GGB, GGD, Amber, Tony, Penney (daughter-in-law), Lindsay with Nolan, Christopher and son, Kevin

Last evening in Great Falls, dinner at Chris & Lindsay's
Great Granddaughter Alivia (Miss Hollywood) at Boise Downtown Farmers Market

Duane, JJ & Elizabeth (dad & mom of Alivia) Victoria (sister of Elizabeth) and her partner Travis with Alivia

Sherry (wife of son Rob) Elizabeth, Rob and Duane at Bodovino Wine Tasting - incredible place

Sherry preparing sushi stuffings

Son Rob making sushi

GGB reading with Alivia on the lawn

3 of the 11 dogs we had the pleasure of being with during our wonderful trip
: Moxi, Jake and Mater

Alivia washing dishing with Grandma Sherry

JJ and daugher, Alivia

Elizabeth and daughter, Alivia

GGB and Alivia

Son Rob taking a moment

Backyard of Victoria and Travis's:

GGD with Caesar and Alivia singing for them

1st night in Boise at Elizabeth, JJ and Alivia, she waited up for us - we were very late getting off the mountain passes from Great Falls to Boise

We all feel this way when we wake up, however, she is so excited to tell mom that she is still dry (2 years old)

Travis, his fur child, Mater and Victoria with her fur child, Caesar

Alivia in her new pj's I made her with mom, Elizabeth

GGB and GGD with Alivia

Duane playing with Caesar and his teddy bear while Rob gets some much needed sleep
Backyard fun, Elizabeth, JJ, Victoria and Mater

In East Wenatchee, WA surprising granddaughter, Kayla

Friend of grandson Jaden with Grandma Barbara at Kayla's track practice

with Grandpa Duane

Grandma Barbara with Kayla and her fur child, Oreo (bunny)

View from Kurt, Heather, Jaden & Kayla home on top of the hill in East Wenatchee WA

Kayla and Oreo

Grandma Barbara, Kayla, Grandpa Duane. At 13 she is taller than me. (they are all taller than me:)

Me, son, Kurt, Heather, Kayla, Duane, Jaden

Grandpa Duane, Jaden (15), Grandma Barbara

Mom and son, Kurt
Seattle, the headquarters of Starbucks (they were my account when I was introducing Zon Junior credit card machines for Old National Bank)

Barbara, Betty (Duane's sister), Duane

Duane admiring the flowers at Pike Place Market. We got there at closing time and missed visiting some of our favorite places at the market. We used to buy our fresh veggies, etc. from there every week.

Duane with vegan meal at the Veggie Grill in Seattle. I wanted to eat my way through many of the Seattle Vegan Restaurants, didn't have enough time or money, but we did several and they were delicious!!!

Gluten free, oil free, and of course animal free and delicious!!!

The Veggie Grill, Seattle

Grandson, Josh, son John, Duane and me. At Josh's home in Fife WA

Grandson, Josh, 6'3" - we interrupted his sleep - very gracious and so glad to see him. Haven't seen him for many years

We finally meet our great granddaughter, Tavia and her mom, Stephanie, wife of Josh. Jon's wife, Grandma Candace holding Tavia.

Candace, Tavia, Stephanie, me, Josh, Jon, Duane, Fife, WA
Josh, Jon, Duane and me.
Long time friends, Kent WA; Stavros, Artur and Joan

Barbara & Joan

The Greek, the German, me (international) and the Norwegians :) Kent WA
Eugene OR at my dear friend's M L and husband. Their beautiful terraced backyard patio

Barbara & ML

ML and Duane as we are leaving

Looking up to the front of their home.