Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's not too late to join these powerful 

Food for Life classes

Even if you can't take the full series you are invited to attend 
one (1) class at a time with per-registration. 
Fee is only $25 per class.
Call Barbara 435 632 3249 or 
email: barbara@nutritiousway.info

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Time to get your body in shape to show more skin to the sun and world! Join us and make it happen in your body!

Not too late to sign up for upcoming Food for Life Kickstart Your Health 7 week class series
Starts Monday, March 7 at 4:30 - 6:30 every Monday through April 18.

Only a few seats left...
Call Barbara 435 632 3249 or

  • Read the testimonials from recent class graduates below...

Congratulations to each Food for Life Student attending the 
Kickstart Your Health 7 week class series. 
Last night, February 29, 2016 was packed with nutrition information, 
fun and FOOD! 
Thank you to each of you!

Some testimonies from attendees:
  • "This class was super valuable and much fun. We're trying new ways of eating and I am enjoying cooking!"
  • "This was a 1st Class, class -- Barbara is a pro!"
  • "Wonderful, lots of learning not taught anywhere we have come across. Great!"
  • "This class helped me expand my understanding of the roles food plays and helped me to be more comfortable exploring food and recipes"
  • "Both Barbara & Duane are wonderful and enthusiastic about what they are doing. Loved that we were able to see her demo/cook and then we taste the food. I tasted food I had never eaten before. I learned a lot about nutrition, health and causes of diseases when eating meats, dairy, etc."
Food For Life Instructor, Barbara J Mathison, CHC giving nutrition information

Watching Dr. Neal Barnard talk about Heart Disease
Graduating Class: front: Mike, Cora, Dave; back: Ellen, Luigi, Jill, Shirley, Colleen, Barbara, Bev, Steve and Barbara
Each brought a dish to share and they were all delicious!!

Jill, Shirley (Ron joined us as a guest) and Ellen
Steve, Bev, Luigi, Donna & Jeannette (guests of Luigi and Jill for the potluck)
Dave, Barbara & Colleen

Mike and Cora
Tom & Marie (didn't get in the group picture)